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Silver Dove Network is  Katharina's private contact site and introduces you to her work and activities. You can find all the links to the Retreats and Workshops, to her mind blowing SkyView Astrology blog and her other activities.

During intense times of initiations, she is working at the

Star Seed Awakening

program and offers assistance which will change your life for ever!

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Silver Dove came flying back into my life on my birthday in 1995. I was meditating in a Temple near Chiang Mai and I saw a Silver Dove hoovering over me ~ the feeling was wonderful and felt like a true birthday present, I felt uplifted and shifted into a past life memory.

It was a life very far back in time, I was a healer priestess/shaman with the name Silver Dove. It felt so good and powerful and I knew in that moment, that this life is directly connected to this present one, like a continuation.

I felt a rush of energy, if was soft but strong and my hands started tingling and turned all dark red, nearly violet! The feeling was very intense and my whole body started to pulsate and I knew that my energy field was "updated" with some energies and knowledge that I had in this past life time.

Since then my healing ability has increased and I had many very vivid dreams and spontaneous ideas how to create my next workshops. Even during the workshops I suddenly see images and have new information which has to be applied immediately. This makes my work interesting for me and my students, since no workshop, even if it has the same title, ever will be the same!

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In the coming years I was called to work with people in many different countries. I was traveling a lot and also refined my methods. This is the time when I started to work more intensely with sound and the Crystal Singing Bowls came into my life to change it profoundly.

Since 1981, I was working with Mandalas and Color Therapy and also used sound, but in different ways. Now I had the tools to perfect the retreats and make them ever more powerful. The combination of color, sound and mandalas is magical and the healing effect exceeded all my expectation.


I have attended several workshops and retreats and am amaze that each time was so different! Even though 'my' topic seemed to be the same, it was like unraveling another layer, go deeper, unfolding the journey. I am deeply grateful that I could evolve in the time spent in your workshops in different places and settings, and see your changes too!      M.Y.C.

Dear Katharina, I was just now able to get my recorder to operate so listened to your words freshly, not having to refer to my notes.  I wanted to thank you from the inner-depths of my soul for your words and your work! Your reading was very powerful and of great benefit.  The reading itself was grounding, there was so much truth to it, again of much benefit.
 With love, honor and respect,  Lori

Some time ago wanted to intensify my energy work. A friend made me look at Orgone jewellery and other products that fascinated me very much.Since I love art work, I was inspired to try out and make some Orgone products. When I meditated about it, it occurred to me that it can be even multi fold enhanced with Tesla Plates that I use since the 80's and energy symbols from the stars. I did try it out and started created pendants, cones, domes and pyramids. We are making a little video from the testing with the rod.

When the roses are full in bloom in my garden, I cut them and put them into a glass, then they bloom at least 4-5 days longer. The evening sun reflecting on the roses.

On my long spiritual journey I have been involved in many ways of learning and teaching. I deeply understand that teaching is great learning! From esoteric psychology to ancient wisdom, from native wisdom of indigenous tribes to homeopathy and other subtle remedies, I've have gained wisdom and knowledge from all of them and am deeply grateful that it was possible to embark such a journey.

In addition, my own creativity, my paintings, music and the creation and construction of several houses, the two centers I was able to build, were incredible  lessons and milestone on my path.

Each time it was difficult to move on when the time to stay came to an end and it felt like I left part of me behind. But life is not about standing still, it is meant to be in constant flow. The more we are aligned to the flow, we can incorporate the knowledge of the teachings and experiences of all the things we've encountered. Then we are free again with new potential to create and experience the next chapter of our journey.

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