Soma Home Stay

A place to find Peace of Mind and Heart

Are ready to step away from the daily dramas to find peace of Mind and Heart?

For just a short while, get away from work, business, family and all things that keep you continuously disconnected from your authentic and true self.

Spend some time in nature, with real food in a lush area and peaceful environment. Give yourself the best gift of spending some time with yourself to relax, recover and rejuvenate. 

Here you can hear the wind rustling in the trees and bamboo, the sound of birds and setting of the sun. In clear nights, you can see millions of brilliant stars and hear all the sounds of the night animals.

If you gift yourself with some quality time alone, you are offered a chance to go within and reconnect with your authentic self and soul.  

Sharing delicious meals with people from all over the world, meeting new friends is an additional bonus here. They might share stories from their lives and experience, which can greatly help you to see your own life in a different perspective and enrich your future.

A stay at Soma Retreat can give you a refuge from the hectic and stressful daily life to relax and charge your battery!

We grow most of our own food, have chickens and ducks to provide eggs. We also have 2 cats and two dogs, they are very friendly companions.

There is a huge area where you can take a walk and enjoy the nature beside the huge lake that is all a recreation where nobody can build houses. There will be a bike trail around the lake, but am not sure when this will come. Still, if you like biking, there are many little roads that you can use. 

The offers will come out soon, in the moment we are re-configuring our place and make plans. We are not sure exactly when we are ready for our guests

Created by Katharina Bless