The magical Crystal Sound captured

The Crystal Singing Bowl CD’s

Played by Katharina Bless

Each CD has one hour of crystal healing sound. The first CD’s are recorded in the hexagonal wooden Sound Healing Pavilion at the old Soma Center in Chiang Rai. Therefore you can also hear sometimes nature playing along. It was a difficult task to record the bowls to make sure that all the overtones are still audible. We finally succeeded and also found the right microphones, therefore all the CD’s are recorded in a very high quality (24 Bit) and you can hear numerous overtones and literally feel the vibrations when you play them. The better the sound system is, the more overtones you hear. The Double album was recorded in a professional studio with 6 microphones.

A frequent asked question answered right here:

Why don’t you put your CD's as instant downloads on your website? It would be less expensive and instant gratification for your clients/customers. 

Answer: If we download the CD in MP3 a lot of the healing quality, especially the overtones, are lost because the CD is recorded with 24 Bit, a normal CD with 18 Bit and a MP3 only has 9 Bit.

Crystal Sound Magic

is the ideal CD for people working with subtle healing methods to support the energy flow. The first track is helping people to get “out of their mind” and opens the gates to deep healing and realignment to the original order of the cells and organs with a powerful rejuvenation effect.

Tracks: 1 Relaxation, 2 Recuperation, 3 Rejuvenation, 4 Re-Creation (each track ~ 15 min)

Chakra Alignment

for a harmonious awakening of the 7 chakras. Each track is around 8 minutes and is played in a way that the harmony includes all the chakras with the sound of additional bowls and the abundant overtones you can hear clearly. If you listen only to a couple tracks, still all the 7 chakras are activated even if the major tone is aligned to one specific chakra.

Tracks: 1 Heart/Anahata, 2 Solar Plexus/Manipura, 3 Throat/Vishuddha, 4 Sacral/Savadhisthana, 5. Third Eye/Ajna, 6. Root/Muladhara, 7. Crown/Sahasrara (each track ~ 8-10 min)

Gaia Puja

was recorded on Summer solstice. This sound reconnects you with Mother Earth and Goddess energies. Nature responded abundantly and you can hear in some tracks the sounds of the tropical day and the night and you can hear birds, a gecko, crickets, frogs etc.

Tracks: 1. Summer Solstice: Balance between Light and Dark, 2 Growing Roots, 4. Butterfly Wings, Flower Dance, 5. Gaia Puja - the Awakening of the Goddess (Each track ~ 12 min)

Golden Solar Logos Alignment

is played only with Gong sound. The very special Golden Bowl has a deep and haunting sound that brings you fast into a deep relaxation and state of meditation. Each track is based on a 108 gong rhythm to give you the most profound meditation experience you can imagine. 

Please don’t listen to this CD in the morning before you have to go to work, you might be spaced out still a few hours and not able to work. This one is ideal for the evening meditation or relaxation for people who can’t sleep.

Tracks: 1. Reconnection - 108 Gongs with the Golden Bowl, 2. Diving Presence - 108 triple Gongs - 3 tones, 3. Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine - 108 double Gongs - two tones (each track ~ 20 min)


The Double Album:Crystal Sound for Daily Living

This CD was recorded with 6 microphones to guarantee the most pure and powerful sound you can imagine. If you listen with a good audio system you feel like sitting between the bowls and are totally surrounded by the magical sound.

Ideal for meditation and as background sound in your daily life, each track ~ 20 minutes.

Track 1: Connection

This is about connecting fully with the body; centering yourself in your heart, but also grounding yourself. This helps to enhance and materialize your creative aspects through deep connection with the earth and your inner pink lotus flower of unconditional love.

Track 2: Focus

This is a selection of tones that help with concentration. It can be listened to when working to make mental work more effective. It also helps to create better self-esteem, so that we develop a firm belief in what we are doing and our ability to do it. This is the way to success.

Track 3: Meditation

These are perfect tones for deep meditation. They activate the heart center, which in turn activates the highest frequency in the body and allows for deeper clarity, insight, connection and healing. The tones do not lead the meditation; they stay in the background while still maintaining a powerful effect on the mind, body and soul. You can use this track also for guided meditations in the background.

Track 4: Nourishment

“We are what we eat.” Whatever goes into our body is reflected both inside and outside. If we prepare food with love, the food is enhanced with higher vibration and healing energies. This track is designed to be played during food preparation and consumption to raise the energy frequency. And we don't only “consume” food, but also other information which is charged positively with this track.

Track 5: Abundance

These tones should be used to attract abundance on all levels and manifest our focused thoughts. This is not only about material abundance, but also good health, wisdom, self esteem, love and joy.

Track 6: Loving

This is about transforming sex energy into love. It helps to increase our capacity for unconditional love in daily life and raises our energy levels in general. The tones can activate one’s sexual potential and increases the sensual experience.

The Meditation Video "knocking on Heaven's Door" with Alexander Wilon below is made with my Crystal Bowl sound in the background.

Created by Katharina Bless