Flower Healing Power

Introduction from the Book:

Flower Healing Power 1

by Katharina Bless

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Still, today, many people assume that Bach Flower Remedies are just another form of herbal medicine. Even some of the Bach Flower practitioners themselves believe this, often prescribing the Bach Flower remedies like a doctor would prescribe aspirin or antibiotics.

Incidentally, as the word “anti bios” infers, this type of medicine is “against life” and in the long term does not effect a cure, but only alleviates the symptoms for a while.

Bach Flower therapy is the opposite of “anti bios”. It is life supporting and gentle. It not only works on the physical level of the body, but most importantly, passes information to the soul, the subtle body. The principle is similar to that of homeopathy: every remedy carries information that is submitted as an impulse within seconds through the mucous membrane directly to the brain like verbal information.

To demonstrate and explain this better, we can use as an example a name card, or some other printed matter. The paper and the ink attach, or secure the information to be given to others. The most important function of a name card is to pass on information. The paper and ink can be chemically analyzed, but not the information. Similarly, the liquids in Bach Flower remedies are only the carriers of information that is transferred directly from living plants and flowers and, of course, cannot be analyzed chemically. We could also use a cassette tape as an example. The tape can be chemically analyzed but not the music. However, we purchase the tape to enjoy the music, not to analyze the material that the tape is made of.

Most Bach Flower remedies are exposed to sunlight and the information they contain, through the energy of the sun’s light, is “uploaded” to the carrier substance, water. Bach Flower Remedies thus carry living information. The plants’ signatures and colours can give us a hint of the principle of their message beforehand. The bright yellow of the Rock Rose, for example, is the colour for clarity and thus affects the ability to be fully alert. This has also been tested with Colour Therapy.

Dr. Bach’s prediction stated, “This method of treatment is the medicine of the future and it will spread throughout the world”.

Bach Flower Therapy is not just another type of herbal medicine!

Final and complete healing will come from within, from the Soul itself, which by His beneficence radiates harmony throughout the personality when allowed to do so,”

Dr. Edward Bach

To really heal someone, the body and the soul must be treated at the same time. The importance of the connection between the body and soul must be understood, because a symptom only appears when the body is no longer in accord with the soul’s path. To heal is to comprehend and interpret the message that the symptom is trying to convey to the individual - not to give the person a pill to swallow that momentarily takes away the pain and “overwrites” the information the soul tries to submit.

No chemical medicine can ultimately heal; no pill can restore health. We can receive help or counseling from others but, ultimately, we can only heal ourselves because true healing not only has to do with the body, but also encompasses the totality of a person, mind, body and spirit. The subtle frequencies of Bach Flowers transmit information to a person’s energy field, harmonizing the connection between body and soul. This connection is where all illness begins and eventually ends.

In the 23 years that I have worked with Dr. Bach’s remedies, and with other subtle healing arts, such as Homeopathy and Colour Therapy etc., I have found that the significant difference between the Flower remedies and allopathic medicine is that they work on completely different levels. Allopathic medicine influences the body’s chemistry, while subtle remedies give information to the whole being. Subtle remedies change the entire magnetic energy field around a person and from there the healing process begins.

Within various healing practices, the methods for treatment and progress of each therapy sometimes differ completely.

Allopathic medicine’s primary function is to alleviate pain, which is what most people want, and chemically restore the body’s factory. If we examine, however, the effects of antibiotics on the body that are used often and long term, we can clearly see the difference between the two methods. Antibiotics encapsulate the poison or infection within the body, stored in the tissue or the joints. Some seven years or so later, the poison is again released into the body and the problem begins anew.

Allopathic medicine is unable to heal a person, but only cures symptoms in the body. A “cure”, despite the name, doesn’t last very long and people become sick again and again. If we want to heal and move beyond illness, we have to understand that illness is not a chemical process and people can’t be healed by a chemical solution.

The energy information passed by subtle Bach Flower remedies reach the source of symptoms directly. Subtle remedies stimulate the body to eliminate poisons. At times, they may trigger a “healing crisis”, which is when symptoms appear to get worse before they get better. In cases of acne, for example, the outbreaks may appear to get worse during the first couple of weeks of therapy. This is because the poison in the blood causing the pimples on the physical level is coming out. Yet, of course, this is not the only cause of the illness. But let’s look at the language of the symptoms a bit later on.

Bach Flower therapy is not just a remedy to stop pain or to get back to “feeling normal”, as fast as possible. Most people think of themselves as “normal”, which means they have agreed to live within a certain framework, the norm, as dictated by society and religion. Yet, it is neither natural nor nourishing for our spirits to live in this kind of ‘norm’ with so many limitations and rules. Bach Flowers help us discover our true nature again, to live spontaneously and naturally, and to rediscover the true meaning of life on this planet Earth.

Working with positive key words

In Europe, Bach Flower Therapy has been widely known and practiced for over 20 years. Today, it is becoming more and more valued throughout the world. I have personally been involved in teaching this wonderful healing method since its beginnings in Europe. For the past 12 years I have lived in Asia and, recently, to my great delight, I have seen Bach Flowers in Singapore. Coincidentally, friends in Malaysia introduced me to the woman responsible for introducing Bach Flowers to this region.

The ultimate goal of Bach Therapy is to bring holistic healing to the body, mind, and soul and to harmonize the positive and negative aspects within a person. There are general key words for each character type, both “positive” and “negative”.

Each category or type’s positive key words refer to those living in harmony with themselves and their environment. The negative key words give us indications of the traits, which can appear if a person is not living in accord or harmony with their true nature and life’s path.

Unfortunately, many therapists choose to work mainly with the negative key words used in Bach Remedies, which, in fact, is contradictory to the whole purpose of the therapy. If a person is given a list of only their negative aspects, it may cause them to become offended, angry, or even depressed. I have heard many negative reactions from friends who have been treated in this way.

One stated: “I am not as cruel as they describe me, and I don’t feel that I want to take the remedy!” Hence, the remedy was left on the shelf and an opportunity for healing missed.

Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to talk to my friends and explain this subtle healing method from a more positive, spiritual and holistic point of view.

The error of many Bach Flower therapists is that they don’t truly understand Dr. Bach’s philosophy, or how much he was influenced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Such therapists mistakenly believe that the remedies “fight something” as do the chemical prescriptions we receive for pain, fever, or headaches. But Bach Flowers have a subtle energy that works within the energy-field of the human body, totally different from the chemical reaction of allopathic medicine.

Using life-supporting key words, I prefer to create an atmosphere of trust and openness with my patients. If hearing only the negative key words of the flower Holly, for example, which includes Jealousy, Hatred, Envy and Depression, of course, patients will react negatively. The key words that I use for Holly are Love, Generosity and Joy.

It is more helpful and healing for patients to identify with the positive aspects of a remedy. Positive key words can also be used as affirmations to help people to acknowledge and practice their more constructive character traits. Many people lack a healthy self-esteem, and if you ask them to list their positive and negative attributes, the negative list is usually much longer.

Negative key words are simply guides to possible outcomes of untreated imbalances and are sometimes exaggerated to make a point. Using solely negative key words is not, in my opinion, in the spirit of Dr. Bach’s philosophy, nor the message of the flowers. It has regretfully been my experience that, in Europe, official centers tend to use the remedies in this way; more and more often, Bach Flower remedies are being treated as alternative, herbal or phytotherapeutic remedies.

The healing message of the Bach Flower Remedies

The more I witness and work with the healing power of the Bach Flower Remedies, the more I understand Dr. Bach’s message that flower therapy is not meant to fight illness, but to support the harmony between the body and the soul. Illness cannot grow, if one has no affinity with it and the person is in harmony and aligned to her or his spiritual goal. Illness is an expression of disharmony, and as such, is both teacher and guide. If we understand the symptom, the healing process can start.

As lived and practiced by Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King and other highly enlightened souls, fighting does not achieve anything, but always brings loss. The whole allopathic system is based on fighting disease, and so from a spiritual point of view it can never be successful.

The energy frequency of the Flower Remedies enhances the life qualities that we need under certain circumstances to courageously face whatever appears in our life. It helps us to honestly see our life path: to realize that we are here to evolve, to eventually reconnect with the Divine and meet our true self that lies beyond the veil of the three-dimensional illusion.

The Bach Flower and other subtle healing systems, such as the Australian Bush flower essences, Gem stone essences, homeopathic remedies and many others, are, in my opinion, the only way to truly heal, as healing always includes the whole person – body, soul and spirit - not just the body.

Created by Katharina Bless