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How to drive to my house


From the main junction south of CR (after Central Plaza if you come from town or next junction with red light after the south Bus station) you turn towards Thoeng and follow the 1020 highway until to the second traffic light and turn left towards Paya Mengrai (Santibury Golf Course) into the road nr 1152.

Important landmark:  Santiburi Golf Course, 2 km after this junction.

From there follow the 1152 in direction Paya Mengrai another 9 km.

We are about 20 km outside of town, ~ 20 min drive.

When you pass the little fish market (both side on the road selling all kind of dried fish and fish pastes) on the 1152 at Ban Nong Luang, turn right after ~ 1 km and there you see signs towards the New Life Foundation and Museflower Retreat Spa. This road goes to Ban Samanmit. 

800 m after you turn from the main road, turn right into a gravel road, you can follow the Museflower signs.

Created by Katharina Bless