Women supporting Women

- Heart-Centered and Holistic Leadership Program

- Encourages an expanded consciousness and creates abundance on all levels

There is no tool for development more effective
than the Empowerment of women ~ Kofi Annan

For many of you reading this, this may be your first experience at speaking freely in a judgement-free environment. Many women have never been given the opportunity, nor have they been encouraged to speak their minds or their hearts. When joining a Wisdom Mandala you will embark on a journey to find your voice, recognise your own feelings and find your strength by expressing yourself in a space of Love and support. 

Many women have lost the connection with their own feelings and truly believe that they are satisfied, but deep down there is a stirring of dissatisfaction and even an emptiness. This leads to depression or illness. Illness is an expression of disharmony and shows in it's own symbolic language clearly what is “missing” in our lives. Our passion and creativity needs to be expressed and a safe space to unfold.

The Wisdom Mandala is the place held by a group of women where individuality, self-expression,dreams, visions and Love are shared in a supportive environment. Truly a safe place in which to rediscover and reclaim your true power, as you grow into the person that you have always known that you are. Come play, laugh, cry and share what ever moves you with your SiStars in the Wisdom Mandala.

We are all on a sacred journey to make this world a better place. We are here to show or teach women how to reclaim their uniqueness and to help them to reconnect with their own Divinity. The “Goddess within” can empower a woman to stand proud in her own feminine self and give her the strength to take control of her personal life experience. With her newly found freedom, she will be unstoppable!

This unique system of empowerment is helping women to free themselves and become independent.

This multi-faceted program is not only offering infinite opportunities to embrace your own power and personal transformation, but also showcase your talents and life’s work. At the same time you are being of service to the evolution of the Creative Self and ultimately humanity. Through this exchange, you nourish a living field of loving intelligence, which unifies us as women and sisters! 

Wisdom Mandala - Silver Dove Lineage

More about the Silver Dove Lineage

For nearly four decades, Katharina Bless, founder of the Wisdom Mandala and the Silver Dove Network on the Ning platform, has been involved in work supporting women in many ways. With her workshops and other programs she has created, she is empowering women to step in their unique power and show their individual creativity and beauty.

With a few like minded women she has created a new and wondrous program and workshop for personal empowerment, heart-centered and holistic leadership and providing women the opportunity to achieve Spiritual, personal and financial freedom.


This is a powerful journey, incorporating women’s empowerment and leadership training to achieve an alchemical blend of success and self-mastery on many levels. 

Created by Katharina Bless