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Katharina Bless, 

Intuitive Author, Artist, Astrologer and Rainbow Qi Master was born in Switzerland, she now lives in Thailand since 1992. Katharina was a therapist for regression and rebirthing in the 80's and was teaching inspiring workshops and seminars since then to help and guide people on their spiritual quest.

1995 she founded the Soma Center and the vegetarian restaurant Oasis near Wat Umong in Chiang Mai. She got involved with IVU (International Vegetarian Union) and helped to organize the World Vegetarian Congress in Chiang Mai in January 1999 as program coordinator and also was a speaker on several topics.

Katharina with her crystal singing bowls, even the dogs love the sound

Katharina founded then the Silver Dove Newtwork and organized the first Congress on Holistic Lifestyle in February 2000 in Chiang Mai. Speakers like Thom Hartmann, DaEl Walker, Laurie O'Gara and Patricia Diana Cota Robles from US, Dr. Lino Guedes Pires from Brazil , Painter and Artist Pierre Wittman from France and Goh Chooi Chin, hypno-therapist from Malaysia, attended this Congress.

In the next two years she organized  Silver Dove Convergence 2001 and 2002 and also several meditation events and a concert at the Peace Pole with the Children from the Chiang Mai Blind Children School who came and played their music and Khun Bunrat who carved the peace pole with his friends. She was a speaker at several Vegetarian and Holistic International Congresses was councilor at International Vegetarian Union and advisor for the Asian Vegetarian Union.

creating living flower mandalas for the Loi Kratong festival in Thailand

The last decade she was travelling extensively and teaching in many countries, offering her workshops and retreats on Bach and Flower Essences, Sound therapy and Nada Yoga, Ingmar Free energy Symbols, SkyView Astrology and much more. In 2006 she moved to Chiang Rai where she built up her magical little center. After 7 years of offering workshops there, she joined with Tania to build a bigger center in the south of Chiang Rai, where the workshops are offered now. 

Katharina also still travels and if you like her to conduct a workshop somewhere else, please contact her.

Some of Katharina's Mandalas: Moonfire, Excalibur, Rising, Isis

To continue in the awakening of people during this massive energy shift, Katharina is dedicated to support you on your sacred journey.

You are a living Goddess/God having a human experience and you need to know this and claim back your inherited power!

All of Katharina's workshops are life changing!

Applying the real Star Constellations to your Life's Journey and Soul Evolution


The one week session with Kat was an eye-opener. Definitely not something I had expected nor foreseen.
She had logical answers to almost anything and was one of the best teachers I've ever had. The sessions were intensive - starting with educational, empowering, inspiring, exhilarating and very memorable.
I went to the retreat as an exhausted, jaded and lost individual, unsure of my next step in my career and returned feeling rejuvenated and 'awakened'. No words can describe how powerful these lessons were. You have to experience it yourself!
The Skyview Astrology session with her was something which no other astrologer had managed to do for me. It gave me all the clarity I needed; all the answers I'd been looking for half of my life.
Would definitely recommend this to my friends and family, especially the women. I've already made plans to return and learn new things from Kat in a few months' time.

R. S. Singapore

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