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Katharina is writing a time quality reading for each Dark Moon and Full Moon. This is a very accurate "measuring" of time quality according to the REAL star constellation. The readings are free and you can find them on her SkyView Astrology Blog page.

There will be new on line workshops coming up soon in 2017.

Please let me know if you are interested to reserve your space.

Feed Backs to this reading from 16 July '15, image below:

Dear Katharina,
I'd just sent off the final corrections to the book that I've been writing for 3 years, minutes before I saw your latest post.
I'd been preparing for the new and now it has begun.
Your latest Skyview Astrology posting couldn't have been more accurate. Wow!

Thank you Katharina. So perfect for what is happening. Sending lots of love.


Thank you for your amazing readings. I am so happy I get to read them every month. So what I have been saying for a long time and, as you know, I feel some of us have already begun, that is to bring the higher self down here to earth, building a bridge between the two. Being higher self here in human form. Patricia B.

Dear Katharina,
Your readings are always so on target. This one was especially helpful as we in the US are dealing with many "Orwellian twists" now. No more illusions.
Thank you for your wisdom and this powerful reading.
Many blessings - Marcia

Wow, Katharina, thank you sooo much. My whole right side of my forehead was opening up as I was reading this!  Soo interested in having a chat done by you, with explanations. Jeanette

Thank you Katharina, beautiful reading

The total reboot feels spot on.It is also what I saw in a session with a sister. We could not have the reboot then, but I was sure it would happen the day after the session, which is today. Thanks for pointing me on this, now I can send her this message.
I also feel we can benefit by sending love, light, power and softness from our evolved selves to our past selves in times we had it difficult and we still had to make tough choices to become who we are now. 
Blessings, Chantal

Hi Katharina,
I really enjoyed reading your article as I'm not informed about astrological work at any level.It seems very technical, powerful, and in the same way has a deeply spiritual quality about it ... that's my feeling.
I enjoyed feeling into the "re-booting" part ... definitely sense a rebooting of my heart consciousness ... in a deep and powerful way.Lovely to experience such healing shifts ... 
Thank you for sharing  ...

As spring really comes in, this is a very apt reading, the new beginning, the seeds of which we now plant ourselves to get the fruit! Very well explained about Chiron, i never before saw him as the bridge but it makes perfect sense as you describe it. And the mythology also! Also the journey of the Christ as symbolised by the days of the week, showing us our own journey:) Thanks a lot and many blessing and good wishes for happy spring seed planting and Easter:)


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