Our home cooked organic food

Home grown organic salad with healing herbs and flowers

Food is very important here. We make every thing from the scratch and don't use MSG or any other additives in our food. 


We serve you a brunch breakfast, most things from our own garden and homemade. You can choose at what time you want to eat, starting 8am until noon. 

Sample menu:
fresh Lemon/Aloe Vera juice with honey
1-2 organic eggs (as you like them) from our own ducks/chickens
Bread, butter, homemade jam, olive or liver bread spread or cheese. 
Homemade Swiss original Muesli
Coffee / Tea

Available during the day:

- free drinking water (if you go out, we provide bottles you can take along 

- tea and fruits of season

We include the mentioned 2 meals in our offer of US$ 45 per day single (second person plus US$ 25), generally it's breakfast (brunch) and Dinner. 

If you come with children, we make you an offer. 

Please send us an inquiry about the dates you would like to come and how many people, so we can be more specific.

Dinner (or Lunch)

fresh salads from our gardens
a main course which is a blend of European/Asian dishes, depending on the season and what we have in the garden.
If you eat(ovo/lacto) vegetarian, we cook with eggs, vegan food also is available andwe can also provide meat. 
For dessert we make very delicious fresh fruit ice cream

Please let us know your preferences, so we can plan accordingly to give the the most delicious food and memorable stay.


Created by Katharina Bless