Relaxation is one of the most important "ingredient" for a healthy body and good aging. 

The opposite of relaxation is stress. Most people are affected by stress and lead a stressful life. This is leading to several imbalances and cause disease (Dis-Ease) that will force us to relax. 

There is no pill that really can help you to relax, one of the best ways is to get out of the situation that stresses you for a little while and relax in a place that offers nature, good food and meditative retreat. 

Today, Alzheimer is a huge risque for more than half of the population and one main factor ist too much stress. This stress factor is the base of an imbalance of the physical body like hormone imbalance, not enough deep sleep, "bad" food people eat too fast and too much which can result in constipation or diarrhea. This and much more can be the cause of severe illness and Alzheimer's disease. 

To specify this, there are three types of Alzheimer's:
1. from Inflammations in the body
(and one in between also called Diabetes 3)
2. Cognitive Decline, Memory loss
3. Toxicity from heavy metals and other toxins. 

Only if we understand the cause, we can do something to prevent our risque of this disease. For many. Alzheimer's is the worst nightmare these days!
But as stated by holistic doctors: 
Alzheimer in fact should be a rare disease! 

Created by Katharina Bless