Crystal Sound Magic

Crystal singing bowls are made from 99.99% pure crushed quartz crystals and heated to about 4000 degrees to be shaped into bowls in different sizes. The bowls emit a powerful and wonderful pure resonance. It’s not only the size of each bowl but also the density that determines its musical note, although the larger bowls generally sound lower octaves and notes. If they are played simultaneously, the bowls harmonize with other bowls, and the effect is exquisite and synergistic.

Why is sound healing so powerful?

Every healthy organ and body-part creates a natural resonant frequency with the rest of the body. Each person has his/her own sound or frequency. We often talk about other peoples “wave length” and that we do or don’t resonate with them. This we can understand literally.
Disease is the state when there is disharmony between the frequency of a certain organ or body part and the whole. With disease, a different sound pattern is established and affects first this particular part of the body or organ.

Katharina has recorded several CD's in a very beautiful and high quality that you can order. Our product page will be ready soon. If you want a CD now, you can contact her, please click on the contact tab.

If disharmony is not corrected, eventually the whole body gets ill. Sound can be projected directly into the body-parts where there is pain, for example by toning forks or rays of colored light (color = visible sound), or include the whole body, so disharmony can be correct and the harmonic sound pattern can restore health.

The purity of the sound of the singing crystal bowls can help to restore one’s health. Scientists have proven the positive influence of harmonious sound on the cellular level of the body.
In our workshops, we  use the amazing “Crystal Sound Bath” so you will be able to experience first hand the life sound of the Singing Crystal bowls and feel the energy boost that your receive.

Katharina also uses Crystal Sound to relax the body, chanting mantras and healing tones with the Solfeggio tuning forks, sound bath with her powerful Chiron Gong, drumming and Mandalas to express the sound in color!

One of Katharina's private sessions is to give you the magical experience how it feels having a bowl directly on the body and how the energy is able to raise the vibration of your aura and all the physical body-cells!

Nada Yoga ~ Color and

Sound Healing Retreat

In this retreat you will receive:
- daily sound bath and Nada Yoga
- powerful methods how to activate your creativity
- prevailing alignment to your natural “frequency” and potential
- Know-how to remove disturbing sabotage programs and implants
- deep relaxation and rejuvenation
- awakening of the nada anahata and nada ahata

The first thing is to look at the word and change our reactive life into a creative one!
The word creative and reactive are the same, only the “C” is moved to another place, indicating that the way we “see” things is the big difference!

The Crystal Singing bowls, Solfeggio tuning forks and Chiron Gong will open a whole new world with the powerful healing sound for each participant!

You bet, that in school and mostly daily life too, every thing is being done that people don’t get creative because it is very difficult to control creative people who are not doing without critics what the system wants from them. In this picture you can see sound expressed in color, this kind of exercise help to awaken your creativity! First we listen to sound and then express it in a Mandala. Each tone has a color... each frequency a pattern.

There are people that you want to listen to them for ever when they speak because their voice is gentle and soothing, some others you just want to get away because they sound like a broken instrument! This is an indication that they are not balanced at all and the charisma of the voice is gone. To you want people to listen when you have something to say?
Of course you do.... every body wants to be heard. So let’s find the charismatic voice within and bring it back alive.

Lets fine-tune our instruments, our bodies to be able to use our voice as a
healing tool, no matter if we speak, chant or sing.

Many different body exercises are part of this process, active and passive meditation, drumming, chanting and body movements with sound. It is a very exciting journey and I love this workshop very much because it’s a lot of fun for every one!

after a Sound Workshop:
I think for the belly classes that I attended..  I think it will also enhance my self esteem and sexiness...hahaha... coz the teacher seems to be so feminine and attractive, not because of her looks, but by her moves.
I would rather you kick me than to pity me, because pittiness are for victim... and I am not one of them! As you told me, I create my reality and I hold full responsibility of my life no matter I like it or not, coz I create it.
 Katharina, thanks for your constant encouragement. I will keep it up and just do it until I succeed. Vivian, HK

We are working on the re-creation of the light body and at the same time remove implants, old habits and sabotage programs.
If you think you are just flesh, bone and blood you are mistaken! In actuality you are an intelligent and divine being, having a human experience. The human body is magnificent, intelligent and functions by impulse of electromagnetic signals, which are connected to the emotions and thoughts.
The evolutionary process in the moment is to reintegrate and rebuild our light-bodies. This will lead to clarity of who you really are and allows you to eventually understand your multidimensional being.
We are connected to all of existence and the evolutionary leap that we have to take now is to understand this new awareness and use it.
The light body holds the blueprint of our multidimensional identity and encoded data, which communicates with worlds and consciousness beyond the 3D comprehension. We have to understand ourselves again in more than only one reality.

The following Video was made by Film Artist and Sound Engineer Maurice Spees and you hear in the background part of the CD "Solar Logos Alignment" with the golden Bowl.

Created by Katharina Bless