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by Katharina Bless

Crystal Singing Bowl for relaxation and healing

Crystal Sound Magic (60 min)

Gaia Puja (60 min)

Golden Solar Alignment ~ deep meditation (60 min)

Crystal Sound for daily Living (double album 120 min)

Each CD costs 22US$ and the double album 33US$


by Katharina Bless

SkyView Astrology                                              22US$
Flower Healing Power 1 (Bach Flowers)                  22US$

FHP 1 in PDF form                                              17.00 US$
Flower Healing Power 2 (Asian Flowers)                 19 US$

FHP 2 in PDF form                                              14.00 US$
The Secret of the Abundance Box                           9 US$

Tesla free energy plates

The free energy plates from Nicola Tesla are not only protection, but also enhance the quality of food and the Black crystalloid disc  and phone discs help to prevent the negative impact of “electro smog”. Tesla plates are vital to help to protect us from damage from the constant bombardment of all kind of radio-, micro- and other waves we are exposed to. 

The products are all available. Please order by email.

The Asian Flower Essences are very powerful helpers in life!

Moon Readings:

Katharina writes bimonthly a reading  explaining the energies of the present Dark  and Full moon constellations according to the real star constellations. This is unique and powerful, helping you to understand what is unfolding in the world in this moment of time and shows the quality of time for this moment in time.

You can find them on my Wordpress Blog Page

Many still believe that abundance is for a few “others” but not for them. They would like it though and also dream the dream of winning the lottery or inherit a fortune from a rich relative that they didn’t know of. But Religion supports the believe that its better to belong to the “no haves” because we might find a better place in “heaven” when we die.


But everybody agrees that it feels very good to have things, to have money and live in abundance. Many get a glimpse of this kind of freedom and manifest it for a short time in their yearly holiday. They save up money and then go to a place of their choice and for 2 weeks or so, they live their dream and in abundance. But this is very limited! And then they live of the rest of the year from the memory and the photos/videos they show around and the outlook of a new adventure next year, next holiday.

The booklet shows a way how to create in harmony with the rhythm of the cosmic movement, especially the moon cycle.

The Wisdom Mandala

I also would like to share with you something very exciting that I have been part of the last couple years.

To live with that stigma and old dogma that we can't be independent and interdependent because we are women or can’t make a living doing Spiritual Work is not an option anymore for me. Even if some want to to their art work, homes school their children etc. we should not have to work on a job (we might not even like) just to survive and pay our bills!
The brainwash that we are not good enough, beautiful enough, don't have enough etc. does not below in my world!

With the Wisdom Mandala, I can offer you an awesome adventure which is empowering and promoting a life with more flow, grace and ease.

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Created by Katharina Bless