Re-Create your life and life style 

If you are away from the daily stress, you will soon see your life in a different perspective that allows you to solve problems in a different way and re-create your life. 

We never can solve a problem when we are in the midst of it, but when we walk away, gain some distance, it becomes visible in different aspects and easier to solve. Possibilities can be seen and inner guidance can be heard. 

We grow Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has many health benefits
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Mandalas, eyes of the Soul

To be able to re-create your life, Katharina will provide Mandalas for you if you are interested. For many years she was working with Mandala Therapy and experienced first-hand the powerful shifts in people's lives in these workshops.
There are many ways how you can either color a Mandala or create your own.

Katharina will not charge you for advise, but only for the materials that you use. If you like, you can book a session to analyze the Mandalas at the end of your stay. 

You will also be able to book some other sessions with Katharina if you are inspired to look at your SkyView Astrology chard, for example, and analyze your life's journey.

From her 35+ years of experience, Katharina can offer you also the following sessions:
Dakini Oracle or Tarot

If you would like to come with a little group for a workshop, there are also offers available. You can have a look at the SOMA Retreat Homepage what other options are available.
Created by Katharina Bless