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Private Sessions with Katharina Bless

SkyView Astrology

 Katharina is one of the only astrologers working with the correct astronomical Star-constellation. 

The study of the SkyView horoscope reveals in details one's life curriculum, final goal and path of evolution. The practice of Star-Sign Astrology has been lost for about 2000 years and the present Western/Tropical System widely used, has in fact nothing to do with today's real start constellations. The SkyView Astrology chart is the roadmap guide someone to her/his life destination.

There is a very powerful healing effect to such a reading because the individual is finally aligned to his/her life purpose and the energy can flow freely. With this alignment it is easy to make decisions and find the inner power for a happy and purposeful life.

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Do you have burning questions in the moment of to move on with life? how to make decisions that make life more easy and successful?

The Secret Dakini Oracle is an ancient teaching of the great Tantric Masters of the East and contains the inner mysteries of the universe. The sixty-five cards comprising the Secret Dakini Oracle are surrealistic expressions of each of these inner mysteries found in the subtle body or yoga-body.

It is a reflection of who we are, helping to recognize where we are in the moment and show us the way to make life more easy and happy!

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Dr. Mohana Sunthari (Ph.D)

Aura Counselling by Dr. Mohana Sunthari (Ph.D) 

Mohana is Malaysian and is a naturally gifted clairvoyant who can see the human aura.

She can see the different layers of the holistic body – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and identify the blockages and issues interconnecting all of them.

From this universal conduit of information, she can assist people in identifying and resolving their:

Life purpose: Spiritual Awakening: Career choices:

Financial issues: Relationship issues: Health issues:

Emotional issues

Over a seven year period, Mohana has achieved proficiency in these wellness modalities:

Inner Peace Reiki: She uses a unique method of multiplication to enhance the Reiki Symbols of Cho Ku Rei (Power) Sei Hei Ki (Peace and Whole Brain Unity) Hon sha ze sho nen (Subconscious Release of Wounded Genetic imprints) to accelerate the healing process.

Yin Yang Mudras, Meditation and Deep Breathing Techniques

Mohana facilitates this wellness template to help participants achieve Oneness through the balancing and integration of the inner male and inner female energies through palm and finger movement sourced from ancient yogic traditions.

The totality of this wellness template together with deep breathing techniques and meditation helps participants to gradually create the inner tube of light achieved by the unity of the inner male and female. A strange phenomena, the cool breeze of the divine feminine manifests as a result of this practice and leads to creativity, inspiration and spontaneity in the journey of life.

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