Recuperation means recovery from illness, fatigue or stress and gain strength

Most adults are not healthy, mostly because of the food they eat and the lack of peaceful rest. 

To function well and be successful in our career, we need to regain our strength when our resources are depleted. Even if an illness didn't break out yet, it's better to prevent it than to have to heal. 

A retreat for recuperation is the way to bring back strength and recover health before we get sick. 
If we have been sick and diagnosed with an illness already, a recuperation retreat is a great help to regain health faster. You might: "loose" a week of time in your business, but you might gain a lot more, maybe many month, if you prevent the illness with regular retreats.  

Give yourself the gift of Recuperation before you are sick and in pain!

I found this on line and find it very accurate:

How do you recuperate?
6 Proven Ways to Recover From Stress
  1. Slow Things Down. Our brains and bodies were designed to face acute stressors and then have a period of recovery to relax, eat, sleep, or procreate before facing the next one. ...
  2. Exercise. ...
  3. Get in the Green. ...
  4. Smile. ...
  5. Stand Upright. ...
  6. Try to See Your Stress as a Challenge.

and I add a couple things here:
- eat good, fresh and healthy food
- meditate to find peace of mind and heart

the number 6 is good if we can see our stress as a challenge instead of a curse, but still, every one needs a break once in a while. If your stress symptoms start to trigger pain, like headaches, stomach or muscle pain etc. then it's time to think about a break. 

Created by Katharina Bless