The time has come and all the triggers for awakening of the star seeds are in place.

There is a lot of disclosure all over but it's very difficult to find out what is real and what is not. We all know that we have been lied to for millenniums and the truth has been kept hidden.

But it was actually "hidden in the open" it was shown to us in movies especially that they call fantasy or science fiction.

The Cabal (the malevolent Elite, also called Illuminati) are not allow to hide what they do, but they show it in fiction and then ridicule people who really have such experienced.

It would be very arrogant to believe we are alone as intelligent beings in the Universe. There are about as many planets that would sustain life as grains of sand on this planet.

It is time to take back our Power

For many millenniums we have been under the spell of mind control and secret programs that include genetic manipulations and much more. But now, in the new light of the Photon Belt we have entered, we can feel not only the climate changing, but the whole world. We are completing the 25920 year revolution of our sun system around the central sun of Alcyone which is not only predicted in all religions, but also scientific explainable today.

Now to be able to move on, we have to understand what really happened and open our eyes to what is "hidden in the open" to be able to move on. If we comprehend and prepare for the coming events, they will bring the ecstasy and bliss.

Those who are not ready to wake up might not like what is coming and many who are unaware and still remain on a fear based consciousness level, will end up in a time line of chaos and destruction.

If you are ready and start the Journey to Awakening and Disclosure, your life will shift on all levels. Syncronicity is starting to happen and doors are opening. You will understand what is going on and not lost in doubts and depending what others want you to belief.

The reconnection to the Highest aspect of Self will guide you to clarity and your steps forward will be bold and guide you to the final goal of Ascension!

You will be surprised what is possible and miracles become natural happenings in your life.

On line session available.

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Katharina offers you assistance and a training to discover and start to use your special abilities.

Every one is unique and has a special gift to offer.

To find the gift and the curriculum of your life, she is first consulting your True Star Chart (SkyView Astrology with the real star constellations) and also analyses your birth numbers to lead you to your true purpose of your life.

If you feel tired, worn out and bored with life, these sessions can help you to "hit the refresh button" and restart your life experience. You can then consciously chose your journey and you will see, if you are aligned with the true purpose of your life, things will flow with ease and grace!

Created by Katharina Bless