Offers for a good Life Quality

What our Members offer to the world

In our Wisdom Mandalas we have very powerful and skilled women!

Many of them are working to help to improve the health and life of women and people in general and in this and the following pages you will find what we offer!

Mandalas, the Mirror of your Soul

It is a most fascinating journey to discover one's Self! Yet not discovered and revealed potential  becomes visible  and manifestation in a Mandala.

With sound meditation, crystal sound shower, chanting and Nada Yoga we open the inner space beyond the limitations of time and rational mind to rediscover your unique creativity and potential.

Everyone is born to be a creator and our most important life purpose is to express our creativity it in many individual ways and manifestations.

This is a one week retreat Retreat where you will be guided to create your personal Logo and paint a Meditations Mandala for your daily life.

Katharina is also offering the training program for those interested in a new career or practitioners who want to integrate the

SOMA SOul-MAndala Method

into their work.

Over the last 35 years, Katharina has developed several powerful methods how to work with Mandalas, which include:

Therapeutic work

- releasing old programs, habits and fears

- problem solution between child and parent

- problem solution between adults

- healing meditation

- since a mandala can be used like iris diagnosis, it can help clear physical symptoms

Corporate / business world:

- help to recruiting new staff

- find out who can work together well or complement each other

- problem solution in the corporate field

- test how innovative/creative a person is

- see how reliable a person is

- find out how dedicated a person can work

- find out if a person can follow guidelines

Personal development:

- activate one's creativity

- develop sense of harmony and beauty

- find your inner center

- balance your feelings, emotions and mood- express yourself in total

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