***Wisdom Mandala Introduction***

Official Introduction to the Wisdom Mandala

Dynamic and Holistic Leadership Program

Women supporting Women
Allow Consciousness to Expand and Creating Full Abundance

Are you ready to:

Be part of an empowering movement creating abundance

Embrace your own power

Inspire and empower

Learn compassionate leadership

Create the life of your dreams

Enter a new paradigm of being

Be of service to humanity with your unique gifts

and individual skills

Be financially independent and free

Are you feeling your heart calling “YES”? Then read on!


You are invited to join this dynamic new structure of 'Women supporting Women' program which includes Leadership Training, Individual & Collective Support, empowerment, wisdom and knowledge  – offering an opportunity to empower yourself, achieve personal growth, reach financial freedom, apply the Universal and natural laws of love, create abundance on all levels and be part of a sacred community of remarkable empowered women.

We are a sisterhood for life, offering friendship, mutual respect, integrity, understanding and support.


This is a powerful journey incorporating an alchemical blend of women’s empowerment and leadership training, providing inspiration, skills and expertise to pursue business success and self-mastery. This multi- faceted program offers infinite opportunities to embrace your own personal transformation, showcase your gifts and life’s work all while being of service to the evolution of others, Self and ultimately being of service to humanity. Through this exchange, we nourish a living field of intelligence which unifies us and actively responds to our individual intentions.

We embark on this journey by joining a specific community wherein our transformative experience is facilitated through the symbiotic relationship of the four primary pillars of this work: personal empowerment, compassionate leadership, spiritual growth and prosperity consciousness.


International Women’s empowerment wisdom communities have been around for decades, offering support, personal growth, sovereignty and abundance. The founders of the Wisdom Mandala have been part of such groups. Originally inspired by such communities, they set this new dynamic structure in place as a way forward to take it to the next level of its natural evolutionary stage. They saw the need to create and weave in a new design and a fresh, more vital formula to support the deeper aspects of this evolving consciousness paradigm shift.

How it works:

The movement of this group is very much like a Torus field with energy cycling through from around the edges to the middle and out again. You start at the outer edge as a seed, experience and move through the layers of Sapling and Blossom into the center of the Mandala as a Lotus. In the first three "layers" you are trained and are progressing through different positions of experience and learning. Once you are in the center you will graduate to leadership delivery. You are then the Lotus, the center of the Mandala! You will name your Mandala and create leadership topics. It is your workshop then and you ask the wisdom questions each week until all 8 of the Seed positions are filled again and the Mandala is ready to divide. You will then support these seeds in the different Elder positions until they are in the lotus position.

Each Wisdom Mandala participant will progress through the various layers. Each energy and position offers a unique experience and will have a average time duration of two to three months.

There are 7 “layers” to complete the cycle. Once you have travelled through each "layer" and have reach the Lotus Elder position you are in the final receiving position: you start to receive from the eight Lotus who entered the Wisdom Mandala initially as your seed.

After all the 8 Lotus have honoured their part and paid you as the Lotus Elder half of the incoming fees, your cycle is complete and you step out of this Wisdom Mandala. You then have a choice to re-enter the program of a Wisdom Mandala as a seed and cycle through it again.

Please note that it is not recommended to participate in more than two Wisdom Mandalas at a time, unless you make this your full time “job”.

The group has a weekly one-hour conference call with Zoom (need to be installed on your computer) and each participant will have an allotted time to answer the wisdom question of the week. The answers to the questions will be posted by each participant in their own WM group in order to build their profile and capture the essence of knowledge shared during this time. The new wisdom question for the next call is posted either by the Lotus or one of her wonderful supporting Blossoms the day after the call. This gives each participant a week’s time to work with that question.

As you cycle through the various positions from seed to lotus elder, you experience a gradual process of expansion from initiatory, attractor, supporter, leadership and elder-ship. Each layer carrying its own unique energy is taking you through a series of rites of passage. Each time when the total of 8 Seeds in the Wisdom Mandala has stepped in, the circle is complete and the Mandala divides. You then step into the next layer, moving through the different positions and energies until the final stage as a Lotus Elder.

This Chart (picture above) will be your Group Chart and the names of the participants will be added. They move every time a Wisdom Mandala is divided into two.

First Layer: Seed

You enter the Wisdom Mandala as a Seed and participate in the wisdom questions on the conference call each week. You prepare to bring in two seeds when you move to the next layer of Sapling.

Second Layer: Sapling

Once all the 8 Seeds have stepped in and the Mandala is complete, it will divide into two and you will become a Sapling. You still participate in the wisdom questions and weekly calls and are active to help your Seeds with the invitation process.

Third Layer: Blossom

After the 8 Seeds have come in, the Mandala will divide again into two and you will move to the position of a Blossom. The Blossom is supporting the Lotus in the center and will be trained to lead the circle for the next layer when the Blossom will become the Lotus.

Fourth Layer: Lotus

You will be the Lotus, the one in the center who is leading the group. You will get to name the group and set the intention. During the time of going through the first 3 layers, you have been prepared for this role to lead and experience the leadership position. In this position you will receive your gift from each Seed that enters. Half of this money is for you and the other half is for your Lotus Elder. (Explained in more detail below)

General: Elder Positions

Once you become an Elder, you stay in contact and support your 8 Seeds that came in when you were Lotus, until they are all Lotuses. You communicate with them weekly and are in touch either through Ning, email, WhatsApp, Zoom etc.

As an Elder you will assist in the different trainings, invitation and exit process.

Fifth Layer: Sapling Elder

After the Wisdom Mandala divides for its 5th time you now step into the background as a supporting Elder. You support your 8 Seeds and help them with the training process as they come into Sapling, invitation energy.

Sixth Layer: Blossom Elder

After the Mandala divides again on its 6th layer, you will become a Blossom Elder and you are involved in supporting the Blossoms in their training.

Seventh Layer: Lotus Elder

In this last and final 7th layer, you are the Lotus Elder and all of your 8 Seeds will get into the Lotus position in 8 different Wisdom Mandalas. You might not be Lotus Elder in 8 circles exactly at the same time, as the Wisdom Mandalas might not all divide at the same time. You don't need to participate in calls. However, it is recommended for you to be on the first and the last call of each Wisdom Mandala.

Time needed per week:

Seed: about 4 hours

Sapling 4-5 hours

Blossom: 4-6 hours

Lotus: 5-8 hours

Elders: 5-8 hours

Your financial Input and Receiving:

When you enter the Wisdom Mandala, you pay 1500US$ to the present Lotus.

The Lotus keeps half of the money received from the Seeds (6000US$) and the other half goes to the Lotus Elder.

Once your seeds that came in when you are Lotus, are Lotuses themselves, they will all share their money with you. That means you receive 8 times 6000 US$


Your investment is 1500 US$

Abundance received: There are two levels of receiving

       1. you receive 6000 US$ as Lotus (which is half of the amount the Seeds will pay when they enter the Wisdom Mandala)

       2. you receive 8 x 6000 US$ as Lotus Elder

                 ….and this is the amazing sum of total 54'000 US$

Your payment and signing of an Agreement to enter this Leadership Program confirms your agreement to the Wisdom Mandala guidelines.

Once you have successfully come through the interview process, you will then be asked to sign the Agreement to follow all of the Wisdom Mandala Guidelines and honour the integrity of this program.

During your leadership training you will go through a series of rites of passage along the way until you are in leadership yourself and finally exiting having experienced personal growth, empowerment, support and wealth creation on many levels.

We invite you to step into a whole new model of learning and teaching. We are proud to present to you a totally new business model, that is quite different from any model presently being used today. Most modern models are created where the top people remain at the top and continue to receive, which is a pyramid system (all of our modern systems are based on this system – banks, corporations, schools etc)

The model created here functions like a torus, like the energy flow of Mother Earth; where we activate a new paradigm of abundant consciousness. With this training and support you will gain the skills and resources to nurture your own business, be creative and manifest your wildest dreams.

Wisdom Calls

Each week we meet on a Zoom Conference Call for our Wisdom Question. Your Lotus, with the assistance of the Blossoms will organize the calls and explain to the new-comers how it works. The wisdom question will be posted in your “Ning Group” and announced in the Whatsapp group. You are invited to go deeper with each topic and spend conscious time during the week to contemplate the question and during the call each participant has a certain time to share their insights (around 3-5 minutes per person).

The Ning Group is a paid network platform that allows all participants to have their own profile, ask questions, gather information and receive inspiration.

Our weekly Dyads or Triads

are the weekly contact calls to get to know the members of the group. The Blossoms will appoint members of the Wisdom Mandala for the calls together. This is important and allows everyone to get to know one another more privately and to deepen the relationship with the other Wisdom Mandala participants. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and to meet people from all over the world!

Training Calls

Each time before a Wisdom Mandala divides, there will be a training call for each position with all the information you need to move on to the next inner layer of the Mandala.

Promote your business, gifts, skills, talents or Life's work

The Program invites you to highlight your gifts and supports you to shine. Each week,

we select a different person and showcase their skills, talents, goods, services or lifework. They will be featured by all the participants of our group.

They are required to prepare a brief outline of what they would like to feature – either products or services and each member of our Mandala will share their work through their respective social media networks such as FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mailchimp etc.

People we want to attract:

We attract people who have high integrity, are ready to expand their consciousness and are open to this style of business model to help create a paradigm shift. We seek people who are in alignment to this type of work, who are responsible, intelligent, loyal, organized, but still gentle with a loving heart and creative mind. We seek people who have healthy common sense and are open for new adventures, people who are looking for a new way of being, of equality, sharing and abundance.

There are certain people who will not be suitable for this program. It is essential that we are very discerning about who we invite. Please do not invite those that are in media, government, law enforcement or judicial services as they may not understand this work and potential seek to undermine it. We require each participant to be respectful of our privacy in order to keep the integrity of this program.

Participants in the Wisdom Mandala need to be able to navigate the Internet, have a smart phone and handle social media concepts like Zoom, Facebook and WhatsApp. Recommended age to enter this leadership program: 18 – 80 years.


This system is fully legal. Once you purchase your on-line training program, you will receive a receipt for the paid fee and an agreement to sign. This signed agreement requires that the new member is aware of our guidelines and is in full agreement to follow them and the protocol of this program.

The Wisdom Mandala resembles a toroidal movement and is not a pyramid system. Everyone moves through different positions - it is a whole new business model and paradigm of operating. Each person receives the same, there is nobody on the top, in fact there is no top, but constant flow. There is no law against such a way of working. We are organized in a wider group of a Wisdom Mandala Sisterhood and committed to our guidelines.

Once you arrive in the position of receiving, we encourage you (and all our participants) to declare your income and file your taxes. Claim this work as your legitimate business and (part of) your income. When you become an active member of this Wisdom Mandala program, you have purchased an on-line leadership program. It is an on-line business model and should be defined as such like: on-line coaching and/or -teaching; networking/leadership group, on-line workshops etc.

Declare yourself as self-employed and use your personal name or create a professional or company name.

Official Introduction for the Wisdom Mandala January 2018 ~ Silver Dove Lineage

Created by Katharina Bless