Wisdom MandalaTestimonial

I joined  the Wisdom Mandala to learn more about myself and connect with other women.  Through the workshops I have learned many life lessons.  I have learned and grown. Also in the Wisdom Mandala/Circle there is a connection with wonderful women who have inspired me with their open heartedness. The Circle is a safe, caring and supportive place.

Janice, Minnesota USA

Received rich deep relationships with others

Learned to be my more authentic self

Personal and spiritual growth

With open transparent communication has allowed me to be heard, respected with non judgement

C.M, Minnesota USA

The Wisdom Mandala journey has provided me an Interactive International experience through knowing other women from Thailand, Bulgaria, and the United States!

We have Wisdom Questions each week and these have provided support to myself and each Sister on a conscious and Spiritual level.

We are Consciously Co-Creating Empowerment for women all over the world!

R.V. Texas USA

In the beginning I was very sceptical about joining a 'womens' group, not my cup of tea at all. Then I came to a year of saying YES to whatever showed up for me, and the invite came, yet again for me to join this group. So I said YES, and I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I have had many awesome experiences on my journey in the last 13 years in Bangkok, Thailand, this has been one of the best I have ever had.  

I am now ready to continue the journey of 'loving self' and helping others to have this experience too.

P.B. Thailand

It is my greatest pleasure and privilege to introduce you to our Wisdom Mandala. International Women’s empowerment wisdom communities have been around for decades, offering support, personal growth, sovereignty and abundance. Inspired by such communities, the founders of the Wisdom Mandala set out to create a community committed to helping women realize their potentials and bring their powers forth, so they may achieve personal growth, strengthening self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence as they journey through with their fellow sisters.    

Wisdom Mandala is designed in such a way that every woman will receive leadership training and have the opportunity to practice and refine her skills of interest either in the personal or business realm together with her group.  She will travel and transform as she moves from one layer to another, exploring different topics and the essentials and essence of each 'seat' she takes through her journey.  She may showcase her gifts and life’s work, while being of service to the evolution of others, Self and, ultimately, humanity.  

Here is my experience: 

It has been about a year now since I've traveled with my sisters.  Through our weekly sharing, I have learned to understand more about myself and the world.  Our different backgrounds and cultures, the influence of them on each individual and their personal experiences, these are all shared in both deliberate and spontaneous ways, which, often, give me delightful surprises while broadening my perspective all at once.  The views and feelings shared in this safe and caring space has contributed much to my growth as a person.  I have changed, my life has changed, everything keeps changing --- and I am enjoying and looking forward to the new changes every-day.  Truly, I am honored and grateful to have the privilege to travel with such powerful and compassionate women.  I hope that this gift of love, joy and wisdom may be passed on to every woman out there in our beautiful world.

P.L. Thailand

The wisdom mandala gave me space to flourish as a woman and connect with my wisdom within and exchange with my sisters, there.

It gives me the opportunity to have my personal magic lab to test myself and integrate my learning into my personal life.

Divna, Bulgaria

The Wisdom Mandala Circle is a most awesome journey. I deeply honour the friendship and connections with women all over the world and enjoy the continuous voyage and sharing of profound wisdom. To be able to support women and at the same time learning from them is genius. Not always easy, sometimes challenging and mind blowing but always an experience that I would not want to miss in my life. The wisdom and topics shared, including leader ship program, are much more profound than I ever expected, truly a life-quality enhancing experience.

K.B. Switzerland

Created by Katharina Bless