Our members offer:

SOMA Retreats

are designed for people who are ready for changes in their lives,

for all those who....

... would like to be charge or their own lives

... want to rediscover their creativity and replace reactivity

... realize they deserve better and more abundance on all levels

... know deep inside that life is an adventure and not a prison

... are ready to claim their happiness and freedom

... want to (re)discover their true potential and power.

... suffer from any kind of burn-out

... are ready to create health instead of illness

... feel ready for life changing actions

... are open to finally awaken and see the whole picture

... ready for total and unlimited Cosmic Disclosure

Looking for a new career? Or something new to integrate in your life and work? Katharina now offers a 3 Module education to become a certified:

Soma Soul Mandala Practitioner

Mandalas, the Mirror of your Soul
It is a fascinating journey of Self discovery and the potential within becomes visible to be put into form and manifestation in a Mandala.

With sound meditation, crystal sound bath, Nada Yoga and chanting we open the inner space beyond the limitations of the rational mind to rediscover your inborn creativity and potential.

Flower Healing Power Practitioner

"You need something practical and down to earth to be able to go this path all the way, otherwise you are going insane!"

Nada Yoga

The Crystal Singing bowls, Solfeggio tuning forks and Chiron Gong will open a whole new world with the powerful healing sound for each participant!

Rise like a Butterfly
.....an extraordinary  one-week Journey which will change your life and give you back your creative power!

Are you tired of a life that holds you back from the true  YOU?
Or physically tired all the time and suffering from Burn-Out symptoms?
Do you suffer from lack of Self Esteem? Do you want to get on a new track?

and there is much more... check it out

Created by Katharina Bless